I Like Ugly People (white_riot) wrote in doornumber3,
I Like Ugly People

YOUR (not-so-loyal, but still loving) MODERATOR ASKS YOUR ASSISTANCE!!!


Okay folks, here's the deal. I signed up at this site called 'freeiPods.com' to recieve a $250- gift certificate to iTunes. So yeah, of course it's a scam, but I read the directions so I know how to work it out. All I have to do is have five people complete what they ask and they'll send it out. People don't get that and so they don't get teh money, but I read it so i know. lol.
So I have sent it out to three people I know (two under personal alias e-mails...lol). I need at least two of ya' to help me out here please!!
All you have to do is sign up using any e-mail and send the email refer thing to five people who only need to get it and don't have to fill it out. Also, sign up for one of teh offers. options are like, register an account at ebay anc bid on anything...meaning you may only have to pay like one cent for an item. u can get AOL for 50 days for free or pay shipping for a wrinkle cream. but please, if ur in the generous mood, or even if ur not, DO IT! (they dont ask personal info besides address and they have a privacy policy where they don't sell ur name.)
Be good to me and if ya sign up I'll return the favor so you can get your free iPod or iTunes money. Click on the link to be nice to me!! If you do this, respond letting me know you did, so I can check the status of my free money! woo woo!
PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME!!!! (im oh so broke, so help me out here!)
When you do this, cuz folks, you better, make sure that teh number 7460154 is at the end of teh tag. This gives my accoutn the credit for sending you there. if you go to teh regular site, no points for me. if the link isn't working...it is: http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=7460154

THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR HELPING ME OUT!!! (i will lurve you forever, or until you piss me off!)
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