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</b></i> Pre-op FtM looking for advice on binding...

Cross-posted to several communities.

I'll apologise in advance for my post being very similar to many that have already been made. I already checked all the related previous ones that I could find, and none of them really answered my question.

I have about $40 saved up now, and I'm looking into getting my first binder. I tried to use an Ace bandage in the past, but I only have one and it didn't work too well by itself. I live with my parents, who are completely unaware of everything, so I have to be relatively secretive about this sort of thing. I couldn't exactly go out and buy more. (I'm a pretty asocial person. I have no friends, no driver's license, and nowhere to go even if I did. So I stay at home. The only time I get out is with my parents.) I already have a friend lined up who's agreed to sign my money order for me and let me have my binder sent to her house, and now the question is what type to get. I've been looking at the underworks website, and while I've figured out ordering/payment, I still have no clue what kind to get. I'm about 5'4½", ~132-138 lbs, average build. I'm not sure how big around my chest is, but the last time I measured (a few years ago), I believe it was approximately 34-35 inches. I normally wear a 36A or 34B, but I've tried on 34C before and it didn't seem too big. Then again, I'm relatively out-of-touch with exactly how they're supposed to fit. Also, if it matters at all in my choosing, my waist is about 30 inches (assuming I measured right) and my hips are about 37.

So my question is simply: Which type of binder should I get? Double front compression, tri-top, or power/extra power compression vest? Also, help with size choice would be appreciated.

That's enough rambling from me now. Sorry this post was so lengthy and redundant. Thanks in advance guys.

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