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Community for any of those who go behind "DoorNumber3". Meaning, if you're an: activist, ally, androgyne, anti-gender, asexual, bear, bearded lady, bisexual, boydyke, butch, crossgender, dyke, fag, fairy, femme, ftm, gender fucker, gender neutral, genderless, genderqueer, heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, monogamous, mtf, nelly, non-gendered, non-op, pangender, poly-gendered, polysexual, post-op, pre-op, queer, questioning, slave boy, slave girl, straight, sub, third gender, tranny, trannyboi, trannygrrl, trans, transexual, transfag, transgender, transvestite, trisexual, two-spirit, person wanting to be open minded, OR ANYTHING ELSE... this is the place for you!!!